Used Firearms (all firearms in this category are one of a kind)

The words 'classic collectibles' in our company's logo have special meaning when it comes to our large selection of quality collectible and pre-owned firearms of all types and classifications. Marstar Canada has a well-established reputation for our used guns - including and especially collectible pistols and rifles from both world wars. In this section you'll find a broad variety of used firearms from .22 rimfire rifles and bolt action hunting rifles to prohibited handguns and converted autos!

Please Note: ALL used firearms listed on our site are subject to the same licensing and registration requirements as new firearms. Every individual sale and transfer is approved by the federal government prior to the firearm(s) leaving our facilities.

Disclaimer: The following is provided for your convenience only and is not a substitute for legal advice/counsel or info obtained directly from the government. Please contact the Canadian Firearms Centre (CFC) directly at 800-731-4000 if you have any questions about federal or provincial firearms regulations and/or requirements.

Non-Restricted: any Canadian with a valid PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) is elegible to purchase firearms of this classification.

Restricted: the purchaser's PAL must have the 'Restricted' class listed on the back in order to be elegible to purchase firearms of this classification. PAL holders may have this class added to their existing license by taking a CFC approved 'restricted firearms safety course': contact the CFC for further details.

Prohibited: the purchaser must have the same 'Prohibited' class (ie. 'Prohibited 12.6' for prohibited handguns) listed on the back of their PAL as the class of the firearm(s) in question. PAL holders cannot add 'Prohibited' classes to their license.

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