Norinco Pistols

Shooters in Canada and around the world know the unprecedented value Norinco handguns offer. They're often as little as 1/4 the cost of their expensive European and North American counterparts. Most models feature slides and frames of forged (not cast) steel, chrome-lined barrels, and are proven designs such as the SIG-type P22X, CZ-type 75/85, and the legendary 1911A1.


   Norinco Warranty
*Note: our competition (not Marstar) states "new firearms are not warranted by us but either factory direct or through local warranty agents." There is no 'local warranty agent' for Norinco firearms in Canada. Compare their (lack of) guarantee with Marstar's exclusive one year 'in Canada' parts/labour warranty on all Norinco firearms purchased from us. We service what we sell!

Attention U.S. Clients: Due to a U.S Government imposed embargo (import ban), we CANNOT ship Chinese made firearms to the United States. Please contact the A.T.F. for more information.