TISAS Turkish Handguns

We at Marstar are constantly on the look out for new, high quality products for our sophisticated and demanding customers. This year we discovered TISAS of Turkey, a producer of very high quality firearms sold on the world market under various trade names.

Founded in 1993 TISAS is part of the KOSGEB and M.K.E Group of companies. In 1998 they became licensed by the Ministry of National Defence for the production of handguns for the Turkish military and police forces. The pistols meet Nato standards.
TISAS is ISO-9001 certified.

At the end of 2004 TISAS pistols were examined in the USA by the Firearms Technology Branch (BATF) and were found to conform to the specifications as stated in Form 4590 "Factoring Criteria for Weapons".

Marstar is proud to have been selected as the exclusive importer and distributor of TISAS firearms for Canada. Earlier this year we visited with the people at the TISAS production facilities to say we were impressed would be a major understatement, we saw high quality goods being produced on cutting edge equipment run by highly skilled and well motivated machinists.

Our no hassle warranty policy played a major role in the producer=s decision. We therefore do not hesitate to extend our warranty to cover the TISAS line of firearms.

ALL TISAS PISTOLS: lockable carry case, a handy gun wipe cloth and a bottle of lubricating oil.