Norinco Tokarev Handguns

Like the Norinco M-201C '9mm Improved,' the Norinco NP-17 '9mm Two-Tone' is a direct descendant of the military issue Type 54 'T-33 Military' Tokarev handgun. The NP-17 incorporates a few improvements such as   the ergonomically contoured 'hump back' grip profile of the 'Tokagypt' and a manual safety, and is chambered for the popular and inexpensive 9mm parabellum cartridge. The NP-17 also features a chromed frame, giving it the distinctive 'two-tone' appearance for which it is named.

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Norinco NP-17 "9mm Two-Tone" [NORC-NP-17]
$279.00 In Stock

Chinese Type 54 'Tokarev' [Type 54-B]
$249.00 In Stock

Military Chinese Type 54 'Tokarev' [Type 54-S]
$199.00 In Stock
The Norinco NP-17 has all the features which make the Type 54 such a solid choice: forged steel frame and slide, chrome-lined MILSPEC barrel, post-war type slide serrations for improved grip, and distinctive 'star' marked grip panels. When purchased from Marstar Canada, every NP-17 (and in fact every Norinco firearm) is backed by our Ironclad Guarantee and our exclusive one year 'in Canada' parts/labour Norinco warranty - something our competition doesn't do. We service what we sell!*