Rifles (Prohibited) 'Grandfathered'

he rifles listed on this page are available only to Canadians who have a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) with the appropriate Prohibited class listed on the back (ie. 12(2), 12(3), 12(4), or 12(5): click here for our used 'Non-Restricted' rifles or click here for our restricted rifles). Please refer to these firearms by their tag number when contacting us for further information.

Attn. U.S. Clients: please be advised that because couriers refuse to transport firearms across the Canada/U.S. border we must ship guns via air freight (actual shipping costs in the $400+ USD range including 'high security shipment' surcharges from the airline). This makes shipping anything other than volume orders or high-value collectors' pieces not cost effective.

Please refer to the firearm's tag number when making enquiries: we sometimes have several of the same make and model! Please note that in order to keep our prices on inexpensive firearms competitive, pictures of low cost used guns (particularly those priced under $250.00) may not be available.

Australian FN L1A1 [PL028] $725.00 In Stock

H & K 91 Rifle [PL030] $2,150.00 In Stock

STEYR AUG Bullpup [PL031] SALE : $2,900.00
Regular : $3,700.00 In Stock

HECKLER & KOCH Model 91a2 [PL032] $1,900.00 In Stock

Heckler & Koch Mod 91 [PL038] $2,200.00 In Stock

Canadian FN C1A1 Rifle [PL050] Price To Be Determined Sold Out

FN British L1A1 Semi Auto Rifle [PL051] Price To Be Determined Sold Out

UZI "A" Carbine [PL052] Price To Be Determined Sold Out