Pistols (Restricted)

The pistols listed on this page are available to any Canadian who has a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) with the Restricted class listed on the back (click here for our used 'restricted' revolvers). Please refer to these firearms by their tag number when contacting us for further information.

Attn. U.S. Clients: please be advised that because couriers refuse to transport firearms across the Canada/U.S. border we must ship guns via air freight (actual shipping costs in the $400+ USD range including 'high security shipment' surcharges from the airline). This makes shipping anything other than volume orders or high-value collectors' pieces not cost effective.

Please refer to the firearm's tag number when making enquiries: we sometimes have several of the same make and model!

 Prod. CodeNameCaliberConditionCapacityBarrelFinishManufacturerModelClassPriceAvail.
D#33128DELTA model Top Gun TG10-S (No-1): Nickel.45 ACPRestrictedSALE : $3,425.00
Regular : Price To Be Determined
Sold Out
RP107Walther HP-38.9mm ParaVG+Restricted$2,500.00In Stock
RP195FN HI-POWER9 mmOverall Excellent++Restricted$4,150.00In Stock
RP196FN HI-POWER9 mmOverall near mintRestricted$4,250.00In Stock
RP211BUL-IPSC.40 s&wExcellentRestrictedSALE : $2,150.00
Regular : $2,900.00
In Stock
RP213IPSC Colt Mk-IV ,series 80 slide (built by the late Mr Behlert).38 SuperOverall ExcRestricted$2,750.00In Stock
RP219Swiss Luger 1906/297.65x21Exc+Restricted$4,250.00In Stock
RP229Walther HP9mmG+RestrictedPrice To Be DeterminedSold Out
RP236Domino model 602 (High end Target pistol)22LrExcRestricted$975.00In Stock
RP241Walther HP (Pre-War) (FREE SHIPPING)9mmExcRestricted$2,250.00In Stock
RP247FN Browning 1903 M079mm Browning LongExc+Restricted$895.00In Stock
RP318TT-33 Tokarev Pistol (Cut-Away)Restricted$875.00In Stock
RP319Colt Pre-Woodsman Pistol (Letter from Colt) Made in 1925.22LRClose as possible to mint...10 rdsRestricted$2,350.00In Stock
RP331Auto Ordnance Pistol 1911a1 Special Edition45 ACPOverall Excellent7 rds5"Satin ChromeRestrictedPrice To Be DeterminedSold Out
RP332Chinese Army Model CF-98 Pistol (Shop Demo)9mmShop Demo10 rds112mm (4.4")BluedRestrictedSALE : $379.00
Regular : $399.00
In Stock
RP338Norinco NP-22 'P226 Type' (Shop Demo)9x19mmShop Demo10 rds112mm (4.4")BluedRestrictedSALE : $360.00
Regular : $399.00
In Stock
RP340Beretta Pistol PX4 Storm Model9mmOverall Exc to as new condition8 rds108mmBluedRestricted$625.00Sold Out
RP341CF98 w/ holster (Shop demo)9mmShop demo10 rds112mm (4.4")BluedSALE : $359.00
Regular : $399.00
In Stock
RP3421911 Pistol (SHOP DEMO).45 ACP7 rds108mmLow Luster BlueRestrictedSOLD OUTSold Out
RP344Browning 1903 M079mm BrowningVG/ExcellentBrowning1903 M07Restricted$625.00In Stock
RP345Inglis Hi-Power9mmmintBrowningInglis Hi-PowerRestricted$2,550.00In Stock