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AIA M10 B1 Sport Lee Enfield [AIA-M10B1]

Australian International Arms' B1 Sport rifle blends the best features of the SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) rifles from which it is a direct descendant with the latest technological advancements in engineering and manufacturing techniques. The result is an accurate, rugged, and reliable rifle built to withstand the higher pressures generated by modern 7.62mm NATO ball ammunition - yet this unique rifle is equipped with the fastest cycling military type bolt action around and fitted with a hand-rubbed oil-finished solid teak stock!

The B1 Sport rifle is identical in all respects to its 'full military' stocked counterpart (AIA's No.4 mk.IV) but is fitted with a handmade Monte Carlo sporting stock with cheekpiece, is blued rather than parkerized, and has a slightly shorter (559mm) barrel than its 'milspec' counterpart. This results in a rifle that is shorter, lighter, and thus well suited for field use by hunters and target shooters who appreciate the fast handling of the celebrated SMLE in a compact, well-balanced package.

Like all the rifles in the M10 series, the B1 Sport incorporates a long list of standard features, improvements, and refinements over the venerable SMLE rifle while retaining its superb balance, reliability, and lightning quick Lee Enfield action shooters throughout the commonwealth know and love. Chrome-lined free-floating target-crowned barrels, easily detachable ten round box magazines, use of widely available 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) ammunition, factory setup for optional steel weaver scope rail, forged receiver 1.5x thicker than the original, and Brewer locking collar (Savage) headspacing system are a few of the many design enhancements which make the M10 rifle a Lee Enfield for the 21st century.
Non-Restricted Weapon7.62x51mm
Australian International Arms M10 rifle in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win) with Monte Carlo stock, 559mm std. profile chrome-lined free-floating barrel, etc. Includes sight tool and ten round magazine.

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1.5-6X40 30MM Tube with buit-in Sunshade with a Rangefinder type reticule.

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