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Auto Ordnance M1A1 [AO-M1A1]

Prohibited10.50 inch.45 ACPExc- Exc+BluedAuto Ordnance
Includes: 1x30 rnd. magazine

Weight: 10.45 pounds
Action: Blowback
Mag. Size: 30 rounds
Origin: United States
R.O.F: 700 rounds per minute
Stock: Walnut

Notes: - Rare Find! - all original -

This venerable firearm left such an impression upon the general public that in some circles the term "Tommy Gun" is used to describe any light handheld full-automatic gun regardless of its origin. From its beginnings in the roaring twenties to this, its final incarnation as armament for the armies of freedom, this is without a doubt the definitive Allied SMG that earned its recognition in the annals of 20th Century history.