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Chinese Military SKS 'Type 56' Semi-Auto Rifle [CM-SKS]

These are the “real thing” they are military production SKS rifles, manufactured in the early 1960s for the Chinese armed forces and placed in long term storage, where they remained until Marstar purchased them a few months ago.
These rifles should not be confused with previous offerings in the market of Chinese civilian versions.
These Chinese military rifles have heavier stocks than their “civilian” counterparts,
they feature machined receivers and chromed lined barrels....

IN SHORT THESE RIFLES ARE: True military models.... They are brand new.... They do feature ALL matching numbers....
They are NOT refurbished.... They are NOT reconditioned.... They are NOT arsenal re-manufactured....

Of course the magazine capacity has been tastefully reduced to five rounds in accordance with Canadian law.
No ugly welds, no unattractive added parts in the magazine.
Non-Restricted Weapon7.62x39mm5 rdsBlued
'Type 56' Semi Automatic Carbine
Chrome Lined
Our Chinese Military SKS rifles have a chrome-lined bore,
spike bayonet, and fixed five round magazine (in compliance with Canadian law).

Comes with 1 Stripper Clip, and Oil Bottle included.

As with most military firearms, these are new in the grease and therefore will have to be thoroughly cleaned before use.

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