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Norinco NP-30 'High Capacity' [NP-30]

Norinco's NP-30 1911A1-type handgun takes this battle- and competition-proven design to the next level. Its innovative wide body forged steel frame along with special slim grip panels result in a pistol with grip dimensions very similar to an ordinary 1911A1 but with double column magazines that hold ten rounds of .45 ACP!

Now shooters can enjoy all the benefits of the 1911A1's 'bomb proof' design with the added advantage of more modern pistols' higher capacity magazines. The NP-30 also features a beavertail grip safety, extended slide release, flat mainspring housing, and extended ambdextrous safety - accessories normally added by the end user at additional cost. The NP-30 comes standard with these accessories, making it an even bigger bargain!
Restricted Weapon127mm.45 ACP10 rdsBlued
Comes with:
1x Pistol
1x Pistol Magazines
1x Plastic Hard case.
1x Cleaning Tool
1x Manual

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