Ortgies Pocket Pistol Disassembly/Assembly

WARNING: Marstar assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the enclosed diagrams for purposes of stripping or, assembly of parts of anyfirearm. Stripping, assembly, and reassembly of any firearm or component(s)thereof should be performed by a competent gunsmith. Marstar assumes noliability for any modifications, repairs or alterations performed on any firearm as a result of consulting theses pages. For reference purposes only.

Instructions below refer to part numbers listed on the Ortgies pocket pistol exploded parts diagram. Please note the reference numbers therein do not correspond with the part numbers in our online catalogue.

STOP! Always 'clear' and inspect gun to ensure ammunition is not loaded or chambered before performing maintenance on this or any firearm.

Remove magazine (13). Pull slide (1) back until slide serrations line up approximately with end of frame as shown. Push in takedown catch (17) and lift end of slide free of frame. Push slide forward off barrel.

To remove barrel (24) for cleaning or repair, grasp barrel (24) and frame (23) as shown. Twist barrel counter-clockwise until it is at right angles to frame and lift up.

To remove grips, insert a screwdriver into magazine will and push grip latch (12) in toward back strap. At same time pry or push up back edge of grips and rotate them free of undercut on front edge of grip.

Ortgies reassembles easily once firing pin (7) is held in check. Push firing pin spring (6) and guide (5) into firing pin until end of guide can be pushed into its notch in top of slide. Hook slide over barrel, pull it to rear and downward.