Norinco JW-27 Bolt Action 22LR Rifle Instruction Manual

  1. USES

The rifle is an ideal firearm for hunting and sporting.


The metal parts of the rifle are made of fine quality steel and properly heat treated.  All exposed metal surfaces are carefully polished.  Also, some advanced techniques are employees in the stock manufacture.  Since the rifle is provided with the breech bolt with turnable bolt handle, trigger with firing pin and safety device or firing pin, ensure it to the bolt securely locked, and operating safety.  The rifle has the advantages of high accuracy, light weight, long life, attractive appearance, compact construction, easy operation and maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly, etc.


1. Calibre


7. Magazine Capacity

5/10 rounds

2. Rifling

6 (RH)

8. Overall Weight

2.8 Kg

3. Sighting Range


9. Trigger Pull

10-20 N

4. Sight Radius


10. Dimension LxWxH


5. Barrel Length


11. Accuracy

Dispersion diameter for 4 cartridges less than 70mm at range of 50m.

6. Muzzle Velocity


  2. Uses of Rear Sight

There are five scale marks on the rear sight elevator and one on the slide.  At the target of 50m, the scale mark on the slide is aligned with the third scale mark on the rear sight elevator.  When shooting distance changed, loosen the screws on the rear sight elevator and adjust the slide to the proper position.  In order to install an optical sight, a dovetail groove is made on receiver, when needed, it can aim accurately by means of an optical sight.

4. Operating Procedure

To fire the rifle, turn the bolt handle upward to unlock the breech bolt with the right hand, and pull it rearward until it stops against the bolt stop, push forward the bolt handle, and then turn it downward to its original position to lock the bolt.  At this time, a cartridge is loaded in chamber.  Take aim at the target, the rifle will fire a single round when the trigger is pulled to the point of trigger slack with the index finger of the right hand.

5. Correction of Deflection

If the sight system occurs the deflection (the point of bullet impact deflects from the aiming centre to the left or right).  The adjustment of the rear sight must be taken.  The method is as follows.  A small wood rod or soft metal rod should be used to bear against the side of dovetail in front of the rear sight during tapping.  If a horizontal deflection occurs, tap lightly the dovetail of the rear sight base.  The point of bullet impact deflects from the aiming centre to the left, tap the dovetail to the right, inversely, tap the dovetail to left.  If a vertical deflection occurs, loosen the slide retaining screw with a screwdriver and adjust the slide to a required position, then retighten the slide retaining screw.  The point of bullet impact deflects above the aiming centre, remove the slide downward, inversely, remove the slide upward.

6. Uses of Safety

After the bolt has been locked fully, by turning the safety lever with the right thumb about 45° counter clockwise, be sure that it is moved all the way to the extreme position.  At this time, the safety lock, the firing pin and the bolt handle and place the rifle in the safe condition.  Even if the trigger is pressed, the rifle cannot be fired and the bolt handle cannot be turned either.  Only when the safety is returned to its original position, the rifle can be armed.


  1. Disassembly
    1. Arm the rifle, hold the stock with the left hand, lift the bolt handle with the right hand to unlock, pull rearward the trigger to the extreme position with the left index finger.  Pull rearward the bolt handle as well as the breech bolt, the bolt can be removed from the receiver.  Inspect the chamber to be sure no round is in the chamber.
    2. Pull rearward on the magazine latch release lever with the right index finger.  The magazine will slide easily from its recess.
    3. Screw out two screws under the profiling receiver and guard bow, pull foreward lightly the rifle body, then, remove downward the stock assembly.  Take down the forearm by screwing out the screws under the forearm.
    4. Hold the breech bolt, and bear inwardly the mainspring retainer end in rear of the bolt against the edge of a wood object or a soft metal object to move it to a certain of distance.  This will allow to remove the safety.  Then, the mainspring retainer, the mainspring, the firing pin, and the bolt handle can be removed too.
  2. Assembly

Install the bolt handle, the firing pin, the mainspring and the mainspring retainer in sequence.  Turn bolt handle to a proper position, and push inward the mainspring retainer to the extreme position.  Then insert the safety into its hole, and press downward it to the extreme position.
The rifle is reassembled by the above disassembly steps a, b and c, in reverse order.


  1. After the rifle has been fired, first inspect the chamber and magazine to be sure all live rounds are cleared, and then clean the chamber, bore and magazine to remove powder residue ad fouling.  Follow this cleaning with a light film of gun oil on the affected parts, and keep in a dry place.
  2. In storage, care should be taken not to bear on the barrel, especially never knock the front sight and rear sight.
  3. Before use, clean out oil and fouling in the chamber and bore to prevent the firing accuracy from affecting.
  4. Never point the muzzle at a person.


1. Stock

16. Sear Spring

31. Stock Stud Screw

2. Barrel

17. Channelled Screw

32. Trigger Guard Bow

3. Receiver

18. Breech Bolt

33. Receiver/Guard Bow Screw

4. Cartridge Platform/Ejector

19. Left Extractor

34. Extractor

5. Box Frame for Magazine

20. Extractor Spring

35. Magazine

6. Magazine Latch

21. Safety

36. Rear Sight

7. Magazine Latch Spring

22. Bolt Handle

37. Stock Stud

8. Box Frame retaining Screw (Front)

23. Firing Pin

38. Forearm Escutcheon

9. Box Frame retaining Screw (Rear)

24. Main Spring

39. Profiling Receiver

10. Magazine Latch Pin

25. Mainspring Retainer

40. Trigger Guard Bow Inner Screw

11. Barrel Retainer Pin

26. Butt Plate

41. Rear Sight Screw

12. Sear Pin

27. Butt Plate Screws

42. Rear Sight Slide

13. Sear

28. Front Sight Screw

43. Rear Sight Elevator Screws (two)

14. Trigger

29. Front Sight

44. Rear Sight Elevator

15. Trigger Pin

30. Trigger Guard Bow Screw