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Chinese Type 54 'Tokarev' [Type 54-B]

The TT-33 model of 1933 was the Soviet military's service pistol during the second world war. It is essentially a slightly redesigned, less polished and somewhat simplified incarnation of John Browning's legendary 1911, chambered for the Soviet designed version of the compact, powerful 7.63 Mauser round (please note 7.63 Mauser and 7.62TT are notinterchangeable). The resulting pistol combined the unmatched reliability of the Browning short recoil design with the hard-hitting 7.62x25mm cartridge in a handgun which was simple, robust, easy to maintain, and comparatively inexpensive to produce - features which are highly desireable for a combat handgun which must be mass-produced in the midst of a war.

The Norinco Type 54 is identical to the military issue handgun produced for and used by the Peoples' Liberation Army for several decades and is typical of the T-33 pistols made in Eastern bloc and other communist countries. It features a forged steel frame and slide, chrome-lined MILSPEC barrel, post-war type slide serrations for improved grip, and distinctive 'star' marked grip panels.
Restricted115mm (4.5")7.62x25mm8 rdsNew un-issuedBlued
Chinese Type 54 comes with:
-2 mags
-cleaning rod

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